• William Butcher - Principal

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    Having spent his early years in Nigeria where he was born and his formative years in the British Isles, Mr. Butcher emerged from a Norfolk High School relatively unscathed to gain a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Greenwich, a teaching certificate from Galway, Ireland and a Master's from the University of Leicester.

    Work experiences include a magical spell at EuroDisney as a language trainer, running his own business as a trainer / translator for clients such as Planet Hollywood and the O.E.C.D. and the teaching experiences with a charitable organisation, various International Schools and the British Council.  These wonderful, fulsome experiences have taken him across the globe and it is with much pleasure that he returns to Taiwan, Hsinchu particularly, for a second term in our school with a team he knows well and respects.

    Hobbies encompass passing time with friends, travelling, walking with his dogs and soon hopefully, volunteering at the Animal Shelter in Nanliao. Aspirations for the future include: A deeper understanding and knowledge of society and culture on the island; a desire to learn to ski
    properly; and of course to see our students grow into the citizens of this world, a worthy aim which he knows they are capable of achieving.
  • Catherine Chen – Office Manager

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    Catherine grew up in a family of five and she's the youngest one. She has enjoyed being back here after living in Canada for 7 years. She attended Windsor Secondary School located in North Vancouver and then moved to Ontario for her undergraduate study. She received her Bachelor's degree from Queen's University in Kingston Ontario. After graduation, she moved back to Taiwan to begin her work experience. Immediately after returning to Taiwan, she joined the TSMC customer service group. Working as the secretary for the secondary department of HIS for the past two years, she has learned much from the school, from the parents and also from the students. Being the office manager is another exciting move for her. This is her 10th year at HIS and she's really grateful to be here with all of you!
  • Laura Yeh- Secretary

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    Laura is very happy to be part of the big HIS family. Laura lived, worked and studied in British Columbia, Canada for 11 years. Before moving back to Taiwan, she worked in a law office for one year where she learned important skills for her job at HIS. Because Canada is such a multi-cultural country, she met people from many different countries and learned different languages such as English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Working at HIS makes her feel that she is still living in Canada. During her spare time, she loves to watch movies with her friends and family and also enjoys biking.
  • Alex Wang - Accounting

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    Alex was born in Hsinchu. He is very approachable and easy to get along with, both in and out of the professional environment. He sees it as one of his most important responsibilities to try to better his capabilities and continue on the road of learning. Alex was a diligent learner at school and that really helped him while doing research in graduate school. His graduate thesis was on the bond pricing of Financial industries. Having previously held the position of branch manager of the Hsinchu District China Trust Commercial Bank, Alex has broad experience in accounting. Besides bringing his expertise in accounting services to HIS, it is his aim to improve his English language skills.
  • Eric Chen – Information Technology Specialist

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    Eric majored in computers and education at university and obtained certification in elementary education. He also has expertise in operating system and server management, Cisco CCNA, Linux LPI Level 1, Microsoft MCP, MCSA and MCSE on server2003. Previously he has substituted at public elementary schools and worked in the IT department at a flash memory testing company. He is interested in sports and reading.
  • Jesse Duffield - Science Educator

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    Jesse grew up near Auckland, New Zealand, and studied Physics, Astronomy and Education at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. Jesse doesn't seem to be able to escape HIS as this is his third time teaching here. He currently teaches Biology, Chemistry and Middle School sciences, but three years ago he taught Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy. He has also taught at high schools in Auckland and Yokohama, Japan. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, writing and skiing.
  • Martin Long - Science Educator

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    Mr. Long was born in Birmingham, England, long before the invention of smartphones and laptops. He went to the University of Leicester and gained his degree in Chemistry. He began his working life in at a pharmaceutical company, before moving to New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud. There he managed the chemistry laboratory, worked on process improvement, and monitored the environmental safeguards at a manufacturing site. He gained his Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham.

    When he’s not teaching, he enjoys the great outdoors, hiking and trail running. He loves to travel, and he has a keen interest in digital photography.
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  • Eric Gulotty - Social Studies Educator

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    Eric Gulotty came to Taiwan seven years ago from New York City, with his wife and two children. Mr. Gulotty graduated from New York University with a degree in theatre, and before moving to Taiwan, he worked in theater and television for over 20 years. Mr. Gulotty taught English conversation, reading, and writing at Guangren Elementary School in Taipei for four years. During this time, he attended the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education, where he received his Masters in Teaching, as well as a California Teaching Credential in Secondary Social Studies. When Mr. Gulotty is not teaching, he enjoys spending time with his family enjoying the beautiful people, scenery, and food of Taiwan.
  • Christian Choquette - Language Arts Educator

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    Mr. Choquette is excited to be joining the caring community of educators at the Hsinchu International School. He earned his Masters of Science in Secondary Education Social Studies from the State University of New York in 2002 and possesses a permanent New York State teaching license. He has lived and taught in Taiwan for the past seven years. Before making the move to Taiwan he was a tenured teacher in a New York State public school for seven years. Mr. Choquette is passionate about personalizing his students' educational experiences through the facilitation of a variety of student centered discussions, activities, and projects. His courses are geared to activate students' critical thinking, sharpen their reading, writing, and speaking skills whilst broadening their understandings.
  • Megan Click - Language Arts Educator

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    Megan was born and raised in the very small town of Davidson, Oklahoma, which is located in the southern and central part of the United States. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2003, where she majored in English Education. As a university student, she was very active in campus faith organizations, Amnesty International and the service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. Megan has been teaching for the past ten years. In 2013, she moved to Taiwan with her husband and taught at Beimen Elementary as an EFL instructor. This is her first year at Hsinchu International School. When Megan is not teaching, she enjoys reading, writing, over-analyzing movies, traveling and mountaineering. Thus far, she has climbed over fifty mountains in Taiwan, including the Snow Mountain peaks, and she is looking forward to conquering more of them.
  • Rob Mclaren - Physical Fitness Educator

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    Rob is originally from NZ but he grew up in Australia before returning to NZ to study. He completed a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science majoring in Nutrition and Physiology and a Grad. Diploma in Teaching. Rob ran his own Personal Training business for 4 years training individuals as well as sports teams.

    Rob was in Korea for 2 years before coming to Taiwan where he worked in a JHS. Rob is passionate about sports and health, having worked with Elite sports clients through to obese clients, and enjoys the challenge of working with HIS students.
  • William Ma - Math Educator

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    Born in Taiwan and raised in Bellevue, Washington, William came from a multi-cultural and multi-language background. As he has been immersed in two very diverse educational systems (Taiwan and the US) from an early age, William can closely relate to students who are undergoing similar experiences.

    William was a former engineer/project manager from Motorola and a part-time tutor prior to his recruitment in 2009, and has been with the HIS family ever since. He obtained his bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, and studied Education in Taiwan from the College of New Jersey. William teaches mathematics at all levels in the HIS secondary schooling department; he also teaches physics, programming, AP, and SAT/ACT prep in his spare time.

    William enjoys spending time with children and helping resolve their problems. It is his passion to motivate and inspire children both in and out of the classroom. He wishes to make school an enjoyable place for every student in HIS.
  • Michael Smith - Language Art/ESL Educator

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    Born and raised in a small town in Canada, Michael enjoys the attractions and convenience of the city life in Taiwan. Michael earned his degree in English Language and Literature at the University of Western Ontario, and studied education here in Taiwan through The College of New Jersey. Since high school, literature has been his passion, and as a teacher hopes to inspire avid readers and creative writers. Aside from literature, Michael also enjoys playing guitar and traveling with his wife and two children. Michael is excited to work with the professional faculty and wonderful students at Hsinchu International School.
  • Ivy Tseng - Residential Assistant

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    Ivy lives in a big family with her parents, an older brother, one sister-in-law, three little nephews and two younger sisters. She had finished both her high school diploma and Bachelor degree in Canada. After that, she made her move back to Taiwan and started to work at a Technology Corp. for the past four years. This year she is very excited about working as a Residential Assistant in HIS. She likes to get to know, and have interaction with different people. She is ready to experience all kinds of fun and challenges and really enjoys being a part of this big family.
  • Dimitris Kanellopoulos - Art Educator

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    Having a nearly (or some might say, completely) unpronounceable Greek name, Dimitris decided to go by the English equivalent, James, or even simpler, Jim, shortly after he started living abroad - that was to make everyone’s life easier, his own included.

    Jim grew up in the beautiful country of Greece. From the small city near Athens that he was born, he moved to the Greek capital to study Art. It was there that he worked as a teacher and a professional artist, occasionally the previous two at the same time and, not so occasionally, over and above the humane man-hours. Soon, he found that life is too short to be living in one place and he decided to give himself a new perspective of life. Along with his family, he moved to Taiwan in 2010.

    At the time of writing, this is his sixth year in Hsinchu International School where he teaches Drawing and Painting, 2D Design, 3D Design and Digital Arts. Taiwan and HIS have given him memorable experiences and working alongside HIS students and staff whom he trusts and respects is exciting.

    His hobbies include making art, taking care of his dogs, annoying his wife by playing drums out of beat, playing Magic: the Gathering, working out, cooking, moviegoing and playing video games that actually require skill and strategic thought.
  • Hank Hsieh - Music Educator

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    Hank Hsieh, born in Taiwan, holds both Bachelor and Masters degrees of Music in Composition from University of British Columbia, Canada. He moved back to Taiwan 5 years ago and has been actively involved in Taiwan’s music industry. His works have won and been nominated for many awards, including Golden Melody Award, Golden Bell Award… etc.
  • Liling Chang - Math Educator

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    Liling grew up in Taiwan and obtained her Bachelor degree from the National Chengchi University. Because of her interest in education, she later acquired her post-bachelor degree in elementary education at the National Taichung Teachers College. Liling has never forgotten her passion toward mathematics, and therefore decided to continue with a graduate program in mathematics at the University of Missouri - Kansas City in the United States. Liling hopes that as a teacher at the Hsinchu International School, she will be able to help and inspire students to experience and learn mathematics in a positive manner.

    Aside from mathematics, Liling enjoys music, the arts, and traveling. She can’t wait to start working with the faculty and students at HIS.
  • Melanie Johnson - Social Studies Educator

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    Melanie was originally born in the country of Zaire (which has since changed names). She lived most of her life in Hong Kong. She went to a small international school in Hong Kong. She has also lived in Austria and the USA. This is the first time she has even visited Taiwan! She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History & Social Science with Secondary Education from Wheaton College in 2004. She earned a Masters of Education in Comparative and International Education Development from the University of Hong Kong received in 2009. Melanie has been teaching for just over 10 years. She was last teaching secondary History in a school in Hong Kong. She is excited for a new start and new students here at H.I.S. 

    Melanie loves to travel and explore new places, especially if it involves scuba diving. She has travelled all around South East Asia and some of Europe. She loves to read, watch movies, and cook. 
  • Luisa Rodriguez - Spanish Educator

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    Luisa was born in El Salvador in Central America. She grew up speaking both Spanish and English with a special interest in languages, teaching, and theater. Luisa enjoys reading, cooking, baking, and is very hands on with many craft projects. She lived in Italy for seven years. Here she studied and worked in Theater, while at the same time becoming very fluent in Italian. She moved to Taiwan five years ago and now she also has a bachelor in Foreign Language and Literature. She is happy and excited to have joined the HIS team and loves her work. Her goal is for all the students to learn as much as possible while having fun doing it.
  • Lily Liu - Wellness Counselor

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    Lily Liu grew up in Taiwan and obtained her bachelor degree in National Taiwan University (NTU). She has always been pursuing for what she is interested in, so she changed several working fields from language assistant at NTU language center, government project coordinator, to college lecturer. Not until a period of wandering time in her late 20s did she find herself passionate for deeply communicating with people, so she completed M.A. in Counseling Psychology at Boston College in 2008.

    She is devoted to counseling and psychotherapy career since then. She has worked with cancer patients with emotional disturbances in Comprehensive Cancer Center in Taichung Veterans General Hospital for almost three years. Now she is excited to join in the big family and to focus on enhancing students’ mental health in school. She enjoys working with the professional faculty and wonderful students at Hsinchu International School.
  • Berta Liao - College Counselor

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    Berta has worked for several years helping students in Taiwan achieve success with their college applications. She has a Certificate in College Counseling earned with Distinction from UCLA and Bachelors and Masters degrees in Political Science from MIT.

    Before moving into the field of education, her career spanned a broad range of industries and companies: from large corporations such as UMC and Lehman Brothers, to a NGO and a startup Internet company. Her focus in all of these organizations was always marketing and communications. She uses her marketing experience and expertise to help students identify and effectively communicate their talents. Born and raised in the U.S., Berta is a Taiwanese-American who has lived in Taiwan since 2001.

    She is a member of the Professional Development Committee with the International Association for College Admissions Counseling, the largest global association focused on facilitating the interaction among counselors, students, and higher education institutions. Berta has presented at higher education conferences, visits on average 18 institutions of higher education across the U.S. and Canada each year, and speaks Mandarin.
  • Laurence Dean - Social Studies Educator

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    Laurence was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and had spent most of his life there until graduating university. Laurence attended the University of Western Ontario and earned a double degree in human resource management and sociology. After graduation, he came to Taiwan to pursue teaching and has been doing so ever since. He joined Hsinchu International School over five years ago working in both the elementary and secondary school departments as a substitute teacher. He has currently taken on a more permanent position as a part-time teacher in the secondary department.

    Laurence enjoys traveling and exploring new places in South East Asia with his lovely wife and two children. Together, they have explored the many different countries where sightseeing, tasting new food, scuba diving or reading on the beach is a must on any vacation. Laurence also enjoys watching the latest movies or going out to any new restaurant in Taiwan.

    Laurence loves the environment here at Hsinchu International School where a genuine love of learning is fostered in a warm atmosphere of friendship. Here teachers are constantly awakening a natural curiosity of education. Laurence is excited to work with the highly skilled and professional staff as well as the very enthusiastic and passionate students in grades 7,8 and 9. He looks forward to a very prosperous and productive year.
  • Joanne Kaufman - School Nurse

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    A Taichung native, Joanne graduated from Nursing College in Taipei. From there she proceeded to work at the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital International Medical Center in LinKou where she was a leader of the ICU ward she had been maintaining for five years. She later moved to Hsinchu where she spent the next two years assisting in the operating room at the National Taiwan University Hospital.

    Since her time in the O.R., Joanne has been a personal professional caregiver for young children while raising a family of her own. Eager to rejoin the workforce, Joanne decided to combine her love for medicine and children and found a perfect match here at HIS. Joanne enjoys traveling and cooking as well as a good movie. She cherishes family and friends above all and is eager to help those in need.  She is grateful to have joined such a great staff and team at HIS as the school nurse.