Our history

At its inception in 1981, HIS was set up as a company school for Philips Electronics, the well-known Dutch consumer electronics giant. This is where the Holland affiliation comes from. Philips originally had a Dutch company school but with increasing numbers of multinational families in their employ in Taiwan, in 1981 they requested Mr. and Mrs. Lines to set up and operate an international school taught solely through the medium of English. At that time the school was called Hsinchu International School - which is how we all think of it. The name was given to the school by the founders, Mr. and Mrs. Lines, and by Dr. Alvin Tong (one of the founders of Hsinchu Science-Based Industry Park), Dr. Guy Lott (Superintendent of TAS) and Mr. Anton de Rooij (Philips, Taiwan).

Although our official name is Hsinchu Holland International School, we use an English language American/international curriculum and the latest teaching methods to provide the very best education for our children.

In 1988, the school became fully independent, registered and licensed through the Dutch Trade Office as Hsinchu Holland International School because of the number of Dutch students and parents at the time. As time went on, Philips no longer had such an extensive expatriate base in Hsinchu, and fewer Dutch families came to Hsinchu but the development of ventures such as the Hsinchu Science-Based industry Park saw many overseas families moving to our city. HIS continued to provide a full international curriculum to overseas students and gradually developed into what it is today. HIS is recognized as a fully-licensed school worldwide and is, for example, listed on the AIT (American Institute in Taiwan) website.

Although we are called Hsinchu Holland International School, the Dutch language and curriculum have never been used. The name simply reflects our early connection with Philips and our relationship with the Netherlands Trade and Information Office, who have kindly offered moral support through the last twenty four years. What we offer is a full international/American teaching system that is based on decades of experience along with a full understanding of the latest teaching methods and materials to provide the very best education for our children.