Elementary Dept. curriculum

Our curriculum is based on our philosophy of developing the whole child and providing a solid foundation of learning and enthusiasm to build on in future years. Over the past years we have moved from a text-based to a curriculum-based program, using a Scope and Sequence spiral flow which encompasses all areas of learning from age 4 through Grade 6. This program is designed to ensure the comprehensive achievement of learning objectives in which the students build, strengthen, and develop all skills across the curriculum throughout every stage of growth. We choose the best material from the best texts to support what our students need to learn. Core textbooks are chosen to provide the base material for the program, and are supplemented by a wide range of additional materials so that children experience maximum exposure and varied approaches to concepts.
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"Text books still form an integral part of the program but are not rigidly followed simply to finish the book. Instead, texts will be used extensively, but selectively"

Core subjects are taught daily from Grade 1 in a creative environment to stimulate critical thinking and a spirit of inquiry. They include all aspects of English - reading, listening skills, grammar, vocabulary, writing, comprehension, poetry and literature, journals, making oral, written, and Powerpoint presentations, and use of reference materials; Mathematics - concepts and application, computation, problem-solving, hands-on learning; Social Studies - from studies of the neighborhood to Ancient Civilizations, from map skills to reports and critical thinking; Science - learning facts and theories, hands-on experiments, extending and questioning established theories. Living here in Taiwan in an international environment presents the ideal platform for building bridges of cultural understanding. Several hours of Chinese Studies are provided for all students from Grade 1 to 6. In addition to the Chinese language, children learn about Chinese history and culture, and this is enhanced by inter-community visits and exchanges.
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All students participate in school-based Physical Education activities, enhanced by regular use of the neighbouring Hsinchu Hsiang Shan Elementary School Sports Stadium. From French to Orchestra, Chess to Swimming, and an extensive range of other after school clubs and activities, our students’ school experiences are enriched and extended. Libraries form a vital part of the learning process. Each classroom houses its own grade-specific library area and our vibrant and spacious school library is in constant use, with a wide variety of fiction to excite the mind and broaden the imagination, and a wide variety of resource material to stimulate discussion, provide new interests, and aid research. Students have library education classes and story-telling sessions with teachers and with a US certified librarian. A multitude of power points and a wi-fi environment allow students to research on their laptops or the school computers. The large, comfortably furnished area has already become a “favourite place” for students, not only for selecting books and researching, but for all manner of group activities and meetings.

"Art and Craft activities, Music, and PE are enjoyed to promote creative, emotional and physical growth. At HIS, we believe in the well-rounded development of each child"

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