Elementary Dept. job opportunities

Required for 2023-2024 School Year

  • Performing Arts Position

The candidate should be well qualified and happy to teach Pre K to Grade 6 students Music, Dance, and Drama. Job responsibilities also include coordinating Annual Christmas performances, International Expo Performances, and directing Biennial Musical Productions. This position supports all school-wide events, including Welcome Back Gate, Global Awareness Week’s Mime Performances, Halloween Parade’s Sound Support, Chinese Week Lion Dance/Chinese Song, Literacy Week’s Reader’s Theater, and Graduation. Other duties include leading after-school club,  lunch and recess supervision, other supervision, and substituting for core classes if needed.
HIS Elementary Dept. invites applications from qualified and dedicated teachers to join our faculty. We are looking for dynamic, professional, well-qualified, motivated educators who are interested in being involved in providing excellence in education in a new purpose-built highly stimulating environment.

Applicants need to be able to teach in a multi-level language ability environment and to be able to integrate and accommodate all students from a wide range of nationalities; they must be able to foster individualized growth in all subject areas within the class framework.

Essential attributes; ability to inspire a vibrant love of learning, foster creative thinking, be passionate about teaching their preferred grade/subject level, interact well with students to foster a spirit of confident interaction and lively communication, provide a positive learning environment, support and assist continuous development and enrichment of coursework, be willing to participate in extra-curricular activities, communicate and interact well with other faculty, staff and parents.

Vacancies are for exceptional people who possess the above attributes to add to our current faculty. Salaries are competitive and details are available on request to the appropriate department.

Interested applicants are requested to send a letter of interest, resume, recent photo, copies of teaching certificate, resume, recommendations and reference contact information. Teacher Certification is essential; overseas teaching experience, additional diplomas/courses will be an advantage.
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Applications are welcome for other possible vacancies which may become available. Teachers interested in substitute opportunities are also invited to send in their resumes to Mrs. Rowena Lines at:


Hsinchu International School
No. 290, Niu Pu East Road Hsinchu 30091
Taiwan, ROC
Tel: 886-3-5388113
Fax: 886–3–5388033

Secondary Dept. job opportunities

Required for 2023 School Year

Currently no open positions.

Download application form here
The HIS Secondary Department is looking for bright and passionate educators who are excited about helping to build one of the most innovative educational programs in Asia. Adhering to the Coalition of Essential Schools 10 Common Principles, HIS has an extremely progressive educational philosophy, which makes it a dream place to work for cutting edge educators.

If you are passionate about teaching and are looking for new ways to grow professionally, then HIS could be the place for you. If you are eager to develop meaningful relationships with both colleagues and students, then HIS could be the place for you. If you are looking for a different way of educating young adults, then HIS could be the place for you. Come join our team and help to create the school of your dreams.

"Our objective is to introduce variety and scope, to encourage talents, to stimulate awareness of possibilities, and to develop enriching interests and experiences"

Minimum Qualifications
• Bachelors’ Degree in Education or related field.
• 1-2 years direct teaching experience.
• Valid teaching certificate or license.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Verbal and written fluency in English.
Preferred Qualifications
• Masters’ Degree in Education or related field.
• 2-3 years direct teaching experience.
• Direct experience working in an international or multi-cultural school setting.
• Verbal and written fluency in English and Chinese.
• Familiarity with living and working internationally.
Profile of a Successful HIS Fit:
• Experience working in a multi-cultural small school setting
• Familiarity with the Coalition of Essential Schools and champion of their 10 Common Principles
• Promoters of inquiry-based and hands-on learning
• Practitioners of Differentiated Instruction
• Curriculum Designers familiar with using the Understanding By Design model
• Individuals who are extremely adaptable
• Experience and/or training in working in an English as a Second Language (ESL) environment
• Experience integrating IT across the curriculum and working in a 1:1 laptop environment
• Promoters of authentic assessment practices
• Team players who seek collaborative work environments